Buy Bitcoin or Any Cryptocurrency Instantly with a Credit Card on Bitstamp!

How do we buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency fast on Bitstamp using a credit card in 2017? Where do we send our BTC purchased on a credit card after buying on to altcoin wallets and exchanges? What verification is needed to allow us to make the transaction? Which steps do we complete with Simplex to get our Bitcoin deposit confirmed within an hour? How much are the fees and how easy is it to exchange the Bitcoin for Ethereum, Litecoin, Steem, or many other cryptos? I hope this video tutorial featuring Bitstamp, Bittrex, Blocktrades, Changelly, and Simplex is helpful because after watching we are empowered to almost instantly buy into any cryptocurrency!

This complete guide begins first by showing the process to use one of the top Bitcoin buying websites in the world which is to buy Bitcoin instantly by selecting credit card and completing each step on the payment gateway through A screenshot of each step is shown to help remove any fear, uncertainty, and doubt or FUD about making the transfer!

1. Billing info and personal details.
2. Payment details.
3. Selfie verification.
4. Payment processing screen.
5. Your payment is being verified time from start to finish.
6. Your credit card deposit was completed.
7. Your deposit requests overview.
8. BTC transactions record showing the fee and rate.
9. Bitcoin withdrawal steps to transfer to another wallet or exchange or cryptocurrency.
10. Your withdrawal requests completed from start to finish in 10 minutes.

Next, see exactly how to use the Bitcoin purchased is changed into any other cryptocurrency using one of these three options.

1. Blocktrades at is the fastest option to change Bitcoin into Steem, Litecoin, Ethereum, and BitShares along with other digital currencies that may be available. The BlockTrades fee is also generally the highest of these three options in exchange for the speed of the transaction.
2. Changelly at offers the best combination of speed and a 0.5% fee making it my choice for a fast and simple transaction. Would you please use my link to signup because you might feel good knowing I get 50% of the fee when you use my link? Changelly has a huge selection in cryptocurrencies compared to BlockTrades and often takes 5 to 10 minutes longer than a BlockTrades transaction to complete.
3. Bittrex at is the top exchange to use to change Bitcoin into any other cryptocurrency usually at the lowest price. Bittrex is usually what I use when making purchases of $1,000+ to get the very best price at the cost of taking usually 30+ minutes to make the exchange along with having setup a Bittrex account, finished verification, and having to make separate deposits and withdrawals. For 1 BTC and above or buying multiple digital currencies fast, Bittrex is the ideal choice.

Finally, the tutorial finishes by showing where I have chosen to invest all of my money after being in the crypto world for three years and finding one cryptocurrency that truly has mass adoption potential as seen at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and most other altcoins have little potential for mass adoption because there are few ways for 99% of the world to participate in making a meaningful contribution or to earn good money without having to invest first. PayPal already works to send money quickly all over the world while blockchains are all competing to do it faster and better than Bitcoin.

The one thing Steem has over all the others is a huge amount of end users making more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined every day with the opportunity for any person in the world to start a blog which earns at least some money while investors can get huge rewards just by upvoting and especially by posting. The witness system makes mining less wasteful and more transparent.

For these reasons, all of my money is in Steem and I am grateful to be earning about $100 for every blog post I make there. Would you join me at because this might be the investment of a lifetime?

Jerry Banfield

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